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Update: Truck That Struck Bicyclist on Milwaukee Avenue ID'ed by Red Light Camera

Today my firm received images from the Chicago Department of Transportation's red light cameras. The camera at Ashland and Division appears to have gotten a clear shot of the truck that struck Dustin Valenta. This determination was made based on the time stamp, the fact this truck turned onto Milwaukee, and the independent witness's account of the pick up being grey. As it turns out, the truck is actually grey, not white as it appeared in the earlier Citibank footage.

We are working on pressing the Chicago Police Department to get a license plate from this image. In the meantime, I wanted to post it in the event anyone comes across it.

Please also read John Greenfield's follow up story on this case. Thanks to John for his excellent journalism in keeping this news story going. A sincere thank you to all Chainlinkers for their considerable energy in pursuing this matter.

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Awesome.  Awesome.  Awesome.  Well done.

Re-posted to with contact information, and also spreading via twitter. 

Keeping my eyes peeled.

That appears to be a 1997-2003 Ford F-150 XL with a topper and aftermarket wheels.

Mike, I hope I never need you - but if I do, I am assured that you will fight for what is fair.

Thanks for doing your job to the fullest extent! 

bravo and three cheers for cyclists everywhere (kudos to Mike K, John G and the others)

I'm not surprised to see Mike do something awesome like this. 

He's been helping me out with my bike accident and hes been straightforward and professional. 

I hit up the area often, so ill keep an eye out. 

A BIG thank you to both Mike and John!


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