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Three attacks on cyclists on or near the lakefront during the past week

Be careful out there folks. Two bike riders were mugged within two hours of each other on the night of Tuesday, July 30, on the Near North Side. A third person was pushed off his bike and robbed by Buckingham Fountain yesterday during the evening rush.

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Just a head's up, the Streetblog editor briefly caught my tendency for typos... headline for Streetblog is probably meant to be "Attack on cyclist near Buckingham in broad daylight is (3rd - which is missing) bike mugging in a week"  ( I live in a typo glass house so I'm by no means throwing stones here, just giving the head's up)

Meanwhile from the article, it always worries me when someone won't do the police report thing.  I appreciate that people have their personal reasons, but after a 911 call and even police arriving on the scene, it is the right thing to do, and helps with prosecution and other actions to reduce the odds that this happens to another cyclist.

Well one of the conditions of the report may have been that the victim ride around in the police cruiser with the officers, looking for the perps.   She perhaps didn't want to take the time. 

But when my wife was attacked in the alley a couple years ago, we both rode around for an hour or more.  And the two police officers couldn't have been nicer or more diligent seeking her attacker.  Unfortunately altho several likely suspects were stopped, my wife was unable to identify any of them. 

So I agree with you ketoguy: good citizens should be willing to endure a bit of inconvenience to co-operate with our police.

Yeah CLP, I've heard police explain their frustration/disappointment that there's an expectation on them which is reasonable to go after issues like this pretty hard as they serve and protect, but then various manifestations of apathy or indifference and even just non-cooperation with them doing their job to get the bad guys seems incongruous with the expectations of them.

3rd now corrected in SB headline... good stuff.

i wonder how many such attacks go unreported? i think this sort of thing happens more often than realized.



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