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I was northbound on Elston.  The wind was at my back.  It took little effort to pedal. When I looked at my speedometer I saw I was at 16mph with almost no effort.  I thought "Is this what ebikes feel like all of the time?"

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When the wind is at your back you're usually not aware of it, you just presume you're a strong cyclist, in very good shape, and riding normally.

Then you turn around to return to where you started, and become very well aware of the wind!

I expected more of a headwind this morning and was pleasantly surprised it was pretty calm out for the commute. Fingers-crossed your magical tailwind finds me when I'm heading back north this afternoon! 

Yeah, the wind was intense yesterday. Glad was OK this morning.

I was on one ride with a 14 mph tailwind in September.  Had to pull bib jersey down since I had no air movement on a tailwind sections for several miles.

Monday was great; I made it home in 36 minutes even after missing a traffic light. Tuesday with a little shift in the wind I made that light but still was 1:20 slower. Wind can be fun

Yes, that's exactly what ebikes feel like, all the time. It's wonderful.

It is like male privilege -- it's the invisible wind at your back.

I wonder what fish you're trying to catch with that bait.

Looks like I caught a small one. I think I'll throw it back.

Troll too fast and you lose bait.

So, anyone other than the white guys gonna take this as bait?

For what it's worth, it's an analogy, not a trigger


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