I've wanted to start this thread so many times this year. . . there have been so many beautiful, glorious days this year and each time I think "this is probably the last really beautiful day" and then another comes along.  Take yesterday morning-- what a wonderful combination of warm moist air and all the smells of autumn.

Bouncing this thread to the top heretoforth will be considered a declaration that said bouncer considers the day upon which the bouncing occurs to be the most beautiful day of the year.


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To the 4 little fixie fellas sizing me and my bike up, you are not sneaky and mine would be the wrong one to covet.

Last Thursday, after the North Branch Trail Meeting...

I went down Devon to get onto the side streets south after the library.  It was dark, I couldn't really see the street signs but it was so nice.  Cool, no breeze.  I just kept riding but soon discovered I was lost - in my own neighborhood!  Just kept riding, following my nose.  No cars on the side streets.  Quiet.  Just one of the best short-ride nights of the year.

These last couple of days have been high on the list of most beautiful days--early mornings when I am glad to be able to ride along the lake to go to work.  Mornings when I say to myself: "self, how did we get so lucky?"

A picture from yesterday's amazing morning (featuring the aforementioned yellow-orange tint).

Today was, without question, the most beautiful day of the year.

Yesterday (9/7/14) was such a gorgeous day that I went out for a ride and didn't come back for 55 miles. If I'd had more water with me I'd have gone further. Nice thing about living on the outer reaches of Chi-town.

Another competitor today for the Most Beautiful Day of the Year.  Very, very hard to stop riding.

Wish I could spend all of today outdoors.

Lisa Curcio 4.1mi said:

Another competitor today for the Most Beautiful Day of the Year.  Very, very hard to stop riding.

Woke up at 3:30am.  Couldn't sleep with excitement.  Grabbed my road bike and headed out for a spin up the North Shore towards Lake Bluff in the cool fall air.  Watched the full moon slowly transition into total eclipse.   Turned around and headed down the leaf-covered McClory Path as the blood moon peeked in and out of a thin bank of low clouds.   Watched the shrouded moon fully emerge again over Fort Sheridan as pre-dawn light started to illuminate the eastern skies.   Must ride faster.  Go faster.  Cruising down Green Bay road as the still red moon faded over the western horizon and the sunrise approached.   Faster. Faster. Finally, home at 6:54am--one minute to spare before sunrise. 

Though not technically "day", I'm going submit this as a possible competitor for the Most Beautiful Nighttime Ride of the Year.  

I nominate this morning.

I am pretty sure that today is the most beautiful day for a ride so far in 2015.

Yes, this morning was pretty awesome.


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