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Yes, Virginia -even watches will someday be powered by ICE's in the future.

With SolyndraA123 Systems and other solar/battery innovators dropping like flies the Internal Combustion Engine keeps on truckin' into the future.  While the "green battery" innovators can't seem to be able to market economically sustainable transportation solutions the Internal Combustion Engine seems to be making inroads into territory that has been the bread & butter of batteries since the world moved on from springs and clockwork mechanisms. 

How long until these ICE devices are powering every cell phone and laptop computer in the world?   What effect will this have on sustainable transportation that isn't petrol-based?  Not that I'm in love with electric bicycles and the dirty batteries that power them -but can this new micro-engine be a good thing?  

Brought to you by Exxon-Mobile/British Petroleum/Zippo corporation...

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ICEs haven't gone anywhere to come back from, but this is neat.

Looking like the finger model is lacking nutrients :P

I'd say he (or she) is an engineer.   He (or she) probably eats nothing but raman noodles in his (or her) cubical all day long while he (or she) sits in the warm glow of his (or her) computer monitor chewing on his (or her) nails.

Ya suppose it's a 2 smoke?

It would be a good assumption since I don't see a lot of room for valve mechanisms at the far end of the cylinder head.  2 strokes are mechanically a lot simpler to produce. 


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