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The stupid-argument factor has seemed to me to be a bit higher than it should be lately, so I thought I'd start a corrective thread. Post your humorous/unexpected/whatever GIFs here. About to hit 'send' on a snipe at someone else? Post a GIF instead!

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Word. Using the handlebar mount?

Yeah, but I took out one of the long bars in the mount and put in a short for stabilization. It helps a lot. I also coated part of the mounting bracket in Plasti-Dip so that when you tighten it really grips on there. 

Shawn C. said:

This made the rounds a few years back and is still bad ass!

Is this the Wicker Park guy?

The green painted bike lane is like a red carpet for taxis to drop people off on.

Anne, do you mean this?

Travis the tumbler, built that contraption himself you know.

Mike Zumwalt said:

Is this the Wicker Park guy?


Shawn C. said:

Here are my favorites that I use in other forums on the interwebs...


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