The stupid-argument factor has seemed to me to be a bit higher than it should be lately, so I thought I'd start a corrective thread. Post your humorous/unexpected/whatever GIFs here. About to hit 'send' on a snipe at someone else? Post a GIF instead!

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Not a gif but related. Googled 'bike tackle' and it came right up:

Thanks Haddon! Good work !

This is how we deal with the problem of human error.

In keeping with the picture that started it all:

I sometimes feel like this riding down by Milwaukee, Damen, and North in the evening when the bar zombies just walk out into the street.

Do I win?

I am nonplussed.

Not sure if this guys is an idiot, if he deserved it or both.

Oh sniz that almost happened to me the other day (But I wasn't being that much of a terdmonger). I HATE BUSSES! If you have emotional problems and you absolutely loathe bikes you shouldn't be driving a bus on Milwaukee.


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