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This week Vote With Your Feet investigates an alleged hit-and-run
by a CTA bus driver. The CTA cut a settlement check, but has the driver
been disciplined?

Keep on walking, biking and transit-ing,

John Greenfield

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I fear bus drivers more than anything else on the road.
And not just in Chicago, check this out too:
Very good article, John, but rememer it's an ALLEGED hit-and-run. Perhaps the bike driver should not be disciplined. According to your article, there is an accusation without proof.
I fear those rolling tubes of people-moving steel! I've seen many a bus barrel through stop lights, stop signs and intentionally pull out in front of my car or bike. Miraculously, I've never seen anyone get caught in front of one of these mad max bus drivers. I'm sure some of that is pure carelessness. But something else which might explain their reckless behaviour...buses are supposed to be on a schedule... and due to the congestion on the roads, they're usually verging on, if not already, late. It seems to me having dedicated bus / bike lanes would help immensely. Take a lane away from car traffic and give it up for mass transit / bikes. Freedom! Then maybe jamming all those vehicles into one lane will get so bad, we'll convert drivers over to alt transit....



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