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"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's well past time to make a sticky about the Stolen Bike Registry"

 - Tank-Ridin' Ryan


Well said Ryan.


Done and done.


And sticky too.



Cheers - Lee Diamond

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Yeah you should also check Swap O Rama ( and Craigslist (

Sometime between 11:30 PM and 6:00 AM today, someone broke into my apartment and stole three bicycles. They're the three along the back wall in the picture. From left to right:

2010 Motobecane Century Comp (full carbon) - 55cm - black (middle image)

2008 Trek 520 - 17" - Orange

2008 Trek Pilot 1.2 WSD - 43cm - Blue (top image)

I'm monitoring craigslist and ebay, but figured getting the word out as many places as possible wouldn't hurt.

Yep, already submitted to the stolen bike registry and filed a police report. Thanks though.

Oh no!! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'll repost to FB and Twitter as well. 

Thanks Yasmeen. I'm about to get on social media, just finishing up on bikeindex.

My roommate found her bike at the south side swap-o-rama! One down, two to go!

Great news and congratulations. Please have her shoot an email (from the addy it was posted from) to the CSBR so we can mark it recovered.

What advice do you have for someone that needs to recover a bike from a Craigslist ad? Bring a few friends to keep yourself safe? What is the safest (most peaceful) way to approach it?

One of the bikes that was stolen this week showed up on Craigslist. 

Thanks for your help!

Determined bike thieves go to great lengths to get what they want.

"Bike thieves are targeting Deerfield Metra train riders". By Suzanne Le Mignot 9-13-16

"Police identify juveniles stealing cable-locked bikes and selling them at a fraction of their cost."


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