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So I had an interesting thought the other day regarding "sticker bombing" my bike. Until now, my bikes have always had pristine frames with no stickers other than the frame decals the came with. For those unfamiliar with the term, to "sticker bomb" a bike is to plaster all manner of stickers on every available surface of the bike. Some folks do it to make a political statement, some to be wacky, some even do it to make their bike less attractive to thieves.

Until now, I'd taken any bike-related stickers and just stuck them on a tool box or the back of my car that I almost never drive. It occurred to me that while I personalize my car with stickers, why not my bike until now? I asked a general question of some cycling folks I know and their thoughts on stickers on a bike and almost universally the response seemed to be that stickers were either juvenile on a bike (but okay on tool boxes), and/or that a bike should remain pristine and unadorned in anything but what it left the factory with.

I see sticker bombed bikes a lot although they're definitely in the minority. I was intrigued by this seemingly innocuous practice which seems to have such polarizing potential, like a discussion about chain lube or fenders. I'm curious as to what a larger segment of cyclists thinks versus the small cross section that is my own circle of cycling folks.

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My "sticker bombed" year-round commuter will never be mistaken for anyone else's bike. It's also a late-80s model purple miyata steel hybrid that was given to me by a friend. I wouldn't want it any other way. Plus, I like my pristine red tool box!

I think you should do whatever you like with your bike and not really care what others think


Mossy Oak camo wraps

They can't steal what they can't see and they won't steal if they think you're a gun-crazed hunter that is likely to be packing. :)

Really, it's your bike, do what you want. Most people already think we're weird just because we're on a bike, a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers aren't going to change their mind.

I don't care what other people think. I don't like stickers on MY bike.  I never liked stickers on MY car, either, but it does not bother me to read amusing bumper stickers on the car ahead of me when I am stuck in traffic. I just recently put Bike Winter stickers on my winter helmet.  That was a sea change for me.

On the other hand, the thought of stickers on my tool box does not bother me in the least.

My fixed gear has plenty of stickers on it. Mostly because the frame is chipped and scraped, partly as a political statement and partly as theft deterrent. My new bike is too damn pretty to sticker, for now.

Now patches on panniers sounds like a good idea.  I wonder what makes stickers on my bike bother me but not patches on panniers.

Your riding cohorts are judgmental dingbats.

I can see why people would not want to sticker their own nice looking fancy bike but to think there is somethign wrong with somebody else doing it is kind of a dick move.

I kinda want a carbon Madone covered in shitty stickers now...

kiltedcelt said:

Oh, believe me I don't care what anyone thinks about me or my bike. I just kinda thought the other day that I might start putting some stickers on my bike frame for the hell of it. It got me thinking and so I polled my riding cohorts and was a bit surprised at the response from some of them. It almost seemed like a dogmatic thing - like one of those The Rules things. I did think one cool thing to do would be to start putting stickers on the frame specific to places or events I've been on the bike. Stickers from Tour De Fat come to mind at first but I also got to thinking about stickers that would commemorate trips to places like state and national parks. I've seen folks who sew park patches as well as just general state patches to their touring panniers as a bicycle version of the stickers that RV folks put on the sides of their vehicles to commemorate the states and parks they've been to.


notoriousDUG said:

I think you should do whatever you like with your bike and not really care what others think


I think that the cosplay Japanese schoolgirl sticker-bombed look suits you and your bike ;)

Just don't go overboard and get an emoj cat tattoo on your lip and you should be fine.

If you're looking for some extra stickers, that are somewhat random, Sticker Mule will send you a sample pack of 9 stickers for $1. It just so happens to include one of my favorite stickers, the Nerd Life tattooed knuckles...

If you think stickers are too much grab a roll or two of leopard-pattern duct tape and have at it.

I say just do it. Haters gonna' hate anyway.


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