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Hi pedaling pals,

Do any of you commute along S Jeffery Ave? I don't typically ride in the south and am unsure if this is a good route from the lake/Hyde Park area? Google is telling me from Jackson Park to take S Jeffery to 93rd. 

I appreciate any feedback, whether validating the route or proposing a better one.

Thanks so much!


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I wouldn't take Jeffrey. Too congested. Side streets are safer. 

What is your destination? King south to South Chicago might also be an option. 

95th and University. Do you think Jeffery would be too congested before 8:30am?

You might get some route ideas from the Mellow Chicago Bike Map.

John, this map is beautiful and so useful. Thank you! I look forward to using it for other new routes. 

Also, thank you to Patricia for your feedback, too. 

Happy riding, all. 

Thanks Kate!

Maybe take the lakefront to 75th, east to Jeffrey, then South. 


For a year and a half my office was located on the Pullman/Roselawn border on 103rd, and I commuted from my home in Avondale. I eventually gave up and started driving, because non-driving options were so time-consuming, but for a while I did do a multimodal bike/train commute. In the morning I would ride to Millennium Station and take Metra to 95th, and in the afternoon I would ride all the way home from 103rd. Doing that, I would take Jeffrey from 93rd up to 67th at Jackson Park, where I would get on the LFP to go to the north side. I found it perfectly fine for riding, and not overly stressful. I was going against the direction of Jeffrey Jump bus traffic, so the bus-only express lane was active southbound while I was going northbound. This meant I was not competing with bus traffic, and I had a reasonable amount of room between parked cars (where they were present in the non-active bus lane) and car traffic such that i did not feel overly at-risk. It typically took me about half an hour to get from 103rd to jackson park.

Agreed with David. Jeffrey is pretty nice to bike on, and part of a regular commute. 

A nice sidebar is cutting through jackson park highlands. It doesn't really give a travel advantage as the stretch of jeffrey from 67th - 71st is pretty lowkey (to me), when the buslane is clear, but it gives you a little scenic route through jackson park highlands. The Highlands are accessible at 67th and Euclid and run west to Cregier from 67th - 71st. Cool huge homes with nice architecture on triple city lots. 

Paul, thanks for mentioning Jackson Park Highlands - I never knew about it! I wish I'd discovered it when I rode that route. From photos, it reminds me very much of the homes in Indian Village and Palmer Woods in Detroit. 

Just wanted to confirm that I took Google's route as validated by John and his map. Coming out of Jackson Park felt high intensity for the first couple blocks going south on Jeffery, but then the unused bus lane gave me ample room to ride. 

I will have to check out Jackson Park Highlands at some point this summer - that sounds like a lovely ride; thanks, Paul. Thank you also to Dan, and again to Patricia. 



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