I passed this on the sidewalk while walking to work.  It's a bicycle set-up for decorative purposes.  Including a Brooks saddle that is destined never to be used.  My first thought was how sad for that saddle to never see any miles.

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It looks cool though....

you didn't seriously expect ralph lauren to use something as pedestrian as a vinyl saddle, did you?

(and that trike has been the subject of much derision in my office. mostly coming from me...)

I wanna fix that sloppy tape job!

I am sadder  seeing the water under the  table indicating  that it  had been  raining. Is that  saddle going to get  destroyed while  it sits there?  Please tell  me there is a canopy.

no, no canopy; the water likely isn't from rain, the patio area is hosed down every morning, weather permitting.

i seriously doubt the saddle has been treated at all, ever.

How dare they do whatever they want with a thing they own.

I suggest stealing it.

Ralph Lauren restaurant on Chicago Ave

See if they'll hire you to pedal the thing around town with samples. Bet you could talk 'em into it & on the way, discretely swap out the saddle... call it a bonus.

It is fulfilling its destiny. Brooks saddles are one of the few pieces of cycling gear that is as much a work of art as a functional and comfortable bicycle component. So "just being eye candy" is what is was made for!


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