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A while back I believe someone posted the statute that allows riding on sidewalks and paths on Park District property.  Recently, some residents along Sheridan Road are trying to ban bikes from "The Meadows" area, east of Sheridan between Bryn Mawr and Berwyn.  Last week, "Walk Your Wheels" signs went up.  I've ridden this section for the past 12 years on my way to work.  It's Park District property and I consider it an extension of the LFT and the safest way to access the LFT at the underpass north of Foster.

Would appreciate it if someone can cite that statute.  Thanks

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Though i haven't down ridden there in awhile, AFAIK, it's a multi-use path (marked as "Lakefront Trail" on google maps,) and the "walk your wheels" signs are probably the product of a local bitch-du-jour by some malcontents. How "official" do these signs look? Any pics?

Seems to me that since this is Park District property, it's their call who may or may not use a MUP, not that of a few unhappy people; but having put that out, it bears watching lest someone gets a petition going. It's easier to circulate a negative petition than a positive one.

It's a pretty generic sign, but I've seen it posted on other sidewalks in Edgewater.  Certainly not a Park District sign.

Most likely a ward effort.

Police enforceable?

Seems to only apply to penny farthings, so we should be good. ;)

I think this may shed some light on the provenance of those signs, and probably their misuse by nearby residents.  Came across it when I googled "Walk your Wheels".


Mystery solved. From Jim's link:

"ASCO has teamed up with Alderman Harry Osterman to post signage ALONG SHERIDAN ROAD reminding us that bicyclists over the age of 12 are not allowed to ride on the SIDEWALK....[S]igns are also being provided to ASCO’s member associations with the request that they be posted IN BIKE ROOMS."


In other words, signs inside the park are not supposed to be there and should be removed. They refer to the well-known ban on the sidewalks that run next to Sheridan Road.

I've seen other signs in that area directing cyclists to walk.  Perhaps there is concern about the many elderly walkers on those sidewalks.  I have always ridden there, albeit slowly and carefully.

Paul has hit on the appropriate response.  We need to  ride  with sensitivity but need to  shoot down  extra legal attempts to curb cyclists. I have  not seen the  signs but have ridden in  that  area  of the park.  I think the signs should be reported to the police and to the alderman.  Complain that they should be removed. I think this is best done by a resident of the neighborhood. If anything,that will help flush  out who is and  is not a friend. 

It's worth reaching out to Friends of the Parks and asking for their help to put you in touch the Park Advisory Council on this. Again, best done by a neighborhood resident.

We all know the general prohibition against teens and adults riding on the sidewalk, but a path through a park isn't a sidewalk. A sidewalk is the area on either SIDE of a street where you WALK. However, the same ordinance (§ 9-52-020) provides: "Bicycles shall not be operated...on any public way where the operation of bicycles has been prohibited and signs have been erected indicating such prohibition."


So I guess the relevant question is "prohibited by whom?"

If this is PARK district property, why is the traffic so fast and heavy you need to ride on the sidewalk instead of the park road?


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