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I have been putting a lot of thought into getting a couple tattoos but I do not want to be off the bike for more than a day or two right after getting inked. I googled this and found very mixed opinions, but most have said after a day or two they rode or they waited until winter and still rode on the trainer to avoid sun exposure. A few posts however said to take several weeks off (not gonna happen!) I thought I would ask here to get some first hand experience/opinions myself. TIA!

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We haven't met, but for a whole lot of reasons, it's a great idea if you merely skip the tattoos entirely. That's heartfelt, sincere, good-faith advice based on some expertise I can't go in to here. 

Alternatively, mark your calendar about 4 years out, with an entry of "wow, I should have listened to that Chainlink guy who said I should have skipped the tattoo thing entirely."


The fact that here is your rational hesitation has nothing to do with cycling and these pages, but more to do with ultimately being, well, rational.  That's the universe reminding everyone what a bad idea it is to get a tattoo. 

For everyone else,, there's a whole lot of BS we can find if we want to go down the alternate Milwaukee Ave/Fake News StreetSmog universe rabbit hole instead rejoining reality. Consider:

Or, Mayo and everybody else is wrong and we should get tattoos and ride the CDOT bike lane Milwaukee Ave. truck route. 

The question really is for us (and frankly our heirs) is whether or not we ultimately know better on a variety of matters. 

This is an...amazing reply to the OP's question.

Here's a live example. In 2016, I flew out to Kona, then did an Adventure Cycling tour around the Big Island for two weeks. We went a few days early to settle. We also got a tattoo before starting the tour. So...against the advice of the tattoo artist, it was exposed to sunlight and I swam in the ocean(without getting a staph infection.) YMMV, but I think after six years this little pineapple still looks pretty good for being 1.5". It's on the outside of my right arm, just before my elbow. I kept it juiced up with some tattoo stuff that was available for purchase at the shop, it was wrapped with plastic for about three or four days.

Some may say don't do it. Some may say it's not worth it. Some may say tattoos aren't for them. My opinion is, just have fun, don't worry about it too much. You can't prevent everything, you should enjoy things while you can!


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