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Is anyone using these trackers on their cell phone when doing longer distance rides?  I've been trying both and before I pony up for a paid membership I'd like to hear what others have to say.

My take so far:

Strava works well, but you need an internet connection to get started but not after that.  You can't share your route maps with others who don't have a Strava account.

Mapmyride works well, you don't need an internet to start it off and it's easy to share full-screen maps of your ride.  So far, tho, it seems to me like it's a heavy battery drain.

I can't find a way to transfer either one to a file that can be used with Google Maps.  I'm note sure what the benefits of the paid membership are.

Are there any other apps you've used that work well?

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I use My Tracks on my Android.  I don't share my rides or upload them to social media, so I don't know how it functions for those purposes.

Bob -- 

You might try asking on the crazyguy forums; they'd probably have more info.


I've been on MapMyRide for a loooong time. 

It works pretty darn well over all, but some complaints.

Yes - the battery drain can be impressive. Seems worse the farther you get into the hinterlands, but I have no proof.

biggest complaint - since it was bought by UnderArmor they keep trying to sell me things. Imagine the nerve of some people. 

I keep saying I will switch to strava but I've balked at the upfront fee. Plus when I have a truly crap ride, I'm not sure I want all my friends seeing it.

Hope this helps - Jim

Garmin. (
I use a Garmin GPS device to track my rides, which auto-uploads to Garmin -> Strava. Rides can be exported from Garmin to Google, I believe, or exported as gpx/tcx files. You can find watches and devices for a good price...especially older models, then don't have to worry about phone battery life. 

If you're looking to track + create route maps, look into Ride With GPS. This one is shareable (and searchable--this is where I get routes when I'm out of town). 

I prefer using Strava. I like it features.


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