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So, with the weather (hopefully) turning nice pretty soon I wanted to feel out if there would be anyone wanting to join up with a ride into Milwaukee.

Last time I did this it was in a freaking blizzard, but the route is pretty straightforward, and there's lots of really cool stuff to do in our neighbor to the north: palominos, art museums, cafes...

when: TBD but leave Chicago together early on a saturday, and take the amtrak back from milwaukee with our bikes in the PM (they charge you for a bike box to do this but it's not too bad)

ride will end at palominos but we can figure out some cool stuff to do after a deep fried meal before we bike to the amtrak station!

I say date TBD because it would have to be a relatively mild day (60s?) with hopefully not too bad of a headwind.

If you would be interested in joining up let me know. I treat these sorts of rides like roadtrips by bike so we would stop for food along the way and probably shoot for a somewhat decent speed (14-16 mph), but would take rest stops as needed. this would not be a "prove how fast you can finish a century" ride

I'm gonna ride it fixed gear this time and any other intrepid souls are encouraged to do the same!

Me in the middle of my last cold ride up there:

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I have Usually riden up to Milwaukee stay a day or two then Ride home Looks Like you Ride on the Number roads (32) I like to ride on the Alphabet Roads (W) (C)
I know Chucko will be responding, we had something of this nature planned. I would be down for it depending on the date. I have relatives in downtown Milw. so there could be some support there.

Why not spend the night and ride back the next day? To ambitious?
Don't you have to disassemble your bike to fit it into those Amtrak boxes?
Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
Don't you have to disassemble your bike to fit it into those Amtrak boxes?

just pedals, bars and front wheels.

To give you some perspective, last year we rolled into the station CAKED IN SNOW (and salt, and sludge), at 827 for the 830 train with a wrench and some gumption we were hauling our bike boxes onto the train just in time!

In other words, this takes like 3 minutes
Cheap to stay at Cliffside park in Caledonia....just need a tent.... Sounds like a cool idea.... They have showers there but you'd have to eat somewhere else or bring food.
Any chance this might happen on a sunday? i want in!
This ride is pretty much what the Chainlink Century ride was supposed to be (it got cancelled).

I'd love to go, but not so soon. The longest ride I've done since October is my commute, all of 8.5 miles and I don't think I'm up for 100 miler just yet.
I'm in.
i'm in as well!
I'm on board.
I ride my long distance high rise handle bar 700c schwinn cruiser for these sort of things. Definitly an oddballer but fast and comfy. Would like to do it if I am not swamped at work.
In a strange coincidence, I was just looking in to Amtrak as a way to get my bike to the start of RAGBRAI near Omaha, NE and back to Chicago from Burlington, IA. The bike box costs $20 (including a handling fee), and is big enough to accommodate a fully assembled bike. As somebody already mentioned, you need to remove the pedals and handlebars.

Here is a link on the particulars, including box dimensions...

# You may bring your own box or purchase one at the station. Bicycle boxes (new or used) are also usually available for purchase at staffed stations that accept checked baggage for $15/box. Boxes are 69 x 41 x 8.5 inches (175 x 104 x 22 centimeters). Call ahead for details and to make sure that boxes are available. Local bicycle shops also may be able to provide you with boxes. After your trip, you may keep your box and use it again if it is in good condition.
# Bicycles usually must be partially disassembled: Loosen and turn the handlebars sideways, and remove the pedals. Both wheels must remain in the forks. Nothing may protrude from the box or make the box bulge. Nothing except the bicycle may be placed in the box.
# Bring your own tools. It may be helpful to disassemble and reassemble your bike before your trip to avoid any surprises. Some parts, especially pedals, may be especially difficult to remove.
# You may also use a container especially designed for transporting bicycles. Such containers must have handles and must be fully closed and latched, with no portion of the bike exposed.
# Attach your name and address to the box.

Anyway, I'd be game for this...and I'll ride my fixed gear if other people do!



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