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Request for Ghost Bike for Joseph Korner, 78, 3559 North Lincoln, November 6, 2014

Joseph Korner, 78, 3559 North Lincoln, November 6, 2014

Reposting as a forum thread (originally posted in the Ghost Bike Group)

My original post:
Hi, I'm hoping for a little help. I was contacted this morning by Lindy Korner, widow of cyclist Joseph Korner who was bicycling north near 3559 North Lincoln in Lakeview when he was hit by a car. She is asking for my help to have a ghost bike built for her husband. Here's the background information:

She reached out to Elizabeth to request a ghost bike and hasn't heard back yet. I realize she must be quite busy, could someone let me know what the best way is to start the process so that Lindy can have a memorial ghost bike set up for her husband? Much appreciated. Thank you.

Since then I learned this is something that is more of a DIY so now I am hoping for a little help with a few of the items:

1. Does anyone have an old bike they can donate as the ghost bike?

2. Recommendations on what paint to get? I assume it is cans of white spray paint. Is that correct?

3. Does anyone have an old lock we can use to lock the bike? 

4. Can anyone check the location to see (and take pics) of a potential place to lock the bike to? From what I understand, we need to make sure it's not locked to signs or a bike rack.

5. If you are able to help, please let me know. I'm hoping to find a solution soon so that we can fulfill Joseph's request for a ghost bike for her husband. 

Thanks, your help is much appreciated. 

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This is the approximate location. It looks like one of the street lights might be the best bet. Tricky location due to driveways and other spots that shouldn't be blocked.

Due to the narrow sidewalks and busy driveways might I suggest the post just north of the playlot on the north west side of Lincoln. Although it would be on the opposite direction of the incident it would be in a less disruptive location and overlook the area and honor the memory of the fallen cyclist.

If anyone has a cruiser type bike or other to donate for this and a lock/chain, paint and sign it would be greatly appreciated. I hope we can accomplish this before The Ride of Silence on May 18th. Thank you.

I have an old kryptonite u lock that is no longer functioning for daily use but would be suitable for this project. I will look to see if I can find a donation bike, are we looking for a cruiser bike specifically?

Thank you - really appreciate the help. No, not necessarily a cruiser bike specifically. Mainly an adult bike (preferably male).

I will see if I can get one at the shop.

I've send you a message about this. I could help with your needs of a Ghost Bike !

I found a bike that can be used for this project. I will pick it up hopefully soon. I live pretty close to the location so I can bring it to the site. 

Spraypaint however must be ordered online and shipped to the city or bought in the burbs. I have the space and materials to spray paint at my house, I just only have colored paint, no plain white. 

Do we have a timeline we would like to complete this memorial by?

Thank you MJ, I just received an email from Lindy letting me know West Town is giving her one of their bikes. As soon as I know the timeline, I'll let you know.

What kind (and how much) spray paint is recommended for the bike? 

from what i can tell its just whatever-brand white paint on most of these bikes.

one can should be fine

its probably something like this:

Spray paint is available from some city home depots but can only be purchased by people in the construction industry per one Mayor Daley. If there is some availability on time, I can try and buy some on Sunday when I will be outside of the city limits.

Actually one of the guys at the shop I work at, had some white spray paint on hand.

Are there arrangements for a sign?

If it is locked up we will probably need a length of chain, correct?

Lindy will be speaking with Working Bikes tomorrow... no confirmed bike for this project YET. If the bike is ready, the ROS route could include this bike/location this year.... but we would need to know ASAP.

The ghost bike installation could (should?) be separate from the ROS ride.

Thanks, I've been waiting to hear back about the bike from Lindy. Please feel free to contact me if you hear anything more. I'll reach out to Lindy tomorrow as well.



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