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One thing that irks me are other cyclists that don't follow the rules. These are the cyclists that give all others who do, a bad name.

Guy at the end... I ended up catching with him. Was it worth it running red lights and a stop sign?

Are you a red light/stop sign runner?

And if so, why?

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I, too, am a person who commutes every day by bicycle and as the weather has gotten better I see other cyclists who go through red lights at larger intersections and I think about how that gives all cyclists a bad name.  I see Divvy's doing things that justify everything bad they say about bicycles.

I commute daily.  And yes, I stop for red lights.  I've noticed most bikers slow down, some wait a few moments, but most then run the red.  I stand there patiently, thinking that perhaps I'm looking somewhat responsible to the car next to me, and hopefully sending the message that not all bikers are scofflaws.  It really doesn't make sense to me as I usually catch them at the next light anyway.

Stop signs are another matter.  I slow down, look both ways, and proceed.  When there is a vehicle at the intersection, the driver usually waves me through anyway.  They really just want us out of their way.

I stop at red lights. PERIOD. I will slow down for stop signs in less critical locations, and stop/yield when there is other traffic that has the right of way. If there is no other traffic, I will roll stop signs.

For a stop sign at a major street, I always stop. I don't know how fast drivers on that major street might be coming, and it's safer to get a good look before proceeding.

Yep, all of this.

With you 100%.


I support the Idaho stop. It should be made the law of the land in Illinois. Stop signs should be yield signs, and red lights should be stop signs. There was a presentation at the last Mayor's Council on this topic. Basically, we'd be codifying the behavior already exhibited by the majority of cyclists.

I will never put myself or a pedestrian in danger. I will never cause a vehicle with the right of way to have to brake, or take any action to avoid me. They have the right of way, and I respect that. However, if it's clear I'm going.

+1  My pet peeve is slower riders passing me while I'm slowing down to be cautious or courteous.  I consider it a form of shoaling, but more rude and dangerous.

We don't need to get hung up on whether there is a full stop or whether there is an idaho stop. i personally stop, just  like  Anne. I am the guy you run into because I am not moving when  the light is red.  We can  set that aside for a  minute. Think of this- Do you pay attention?  Do you slow down? Do you  act as if there are others on the road and   you  are not  the only  one there? Do you  understand that when the light changes the people coming  from your right and  left  have the right of way?  It is more than giving cyclists a bad name, if you  are not conscious  of others and if you are riding with hubris, you  are going  to increase the odds of somebody getting  hurt. You are not merely  gambling with  your life but mine as well. The road is a live  Rube  Goldberg cartoon and the  reaction  to the  rider who blew a light may injure me or a pedestrian or even an innocent operator or  passenger in  one of those four wheeled motorized thingies. 

Well said, as always. Thank you, Dave.

I personally stop for reds unless it's like 2am.


But I don't care what other people do, unless they're somehow blocking my path.

Unlike David Barish, who never fails to eloquently express nuanced considerations and meditations on the cycling life, I will just speak plainly -- Please STOP the hang-wringing and moralizing and bullshit shoaling shaming. While I DO have a cultivated philosophy of cycling which I apply to controlled intersections, I feel this subject has been beaten to death here on the Chainlink. Enough with the wagging of fingers. Personally, I spend too much time/energy judging other people and their behavior already. 


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