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I've recently obtained an old, but solid Trek 520 for touring purposes. I'd like to add a fender and rear rack (and also a front rack in the future).

I'm looking at these Velo hammered alloyed fenders

Any other nice alloyed fenders I can be looking at? These seem tricky to install based on the reviews. I like the look of metal fenders.

Also, like the look of this Nitto rack, but it's pricey. If you can recommend another touring rack that is chromoly, let me know: 


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I am selling my front and rear rack along with my entire touring bike but I wanted to point out the racks - really worth it and I love the way they look.

I didn't go with metal fenders because I heard they can get bent and banged up and the plastic ones are more forgiving but yes, I love the look of the Velo fenders. Good luck with your search!

I may be interested in the racks, Yasmeen. Are you waiting until someone buys the bike to sell them?

They're not as traditional looking as the VO hammered fenders, but Portland Design Works sells a modern set of metal fenders that are much, much easier to install.

I tried to install the VO hammered fenders on my wife's bike, and gave up after it became clear how much work/drilling/fidgeting with them it takes to do it right. 

As for racks, Surly makes a solid chromoly front and rear rack that are cheaper than the Nitto counterparts.  Any bike store can source them, in addition to several online sellers if you do a search.  They're around $130 a piece I think. 

Not metal, but easy-to-install, inexpensive, and really effective, are the SKS Longboard fenders.  I have used both Honjo and Velo Orange aluminum fenders, and I like the Longboard at least as well.

For racks, I'm a fan of anything Tubus.  I like the combination of a lightweight rear rack (like the Fly or Vega) and the Lowrider Duo in front.  However, the Duo doesn't support a handlebar bag or any load on top, so if you want that, it's not for you.

Velo Orange fenders are perfectly nice, but most metal fenders (the PDW fenders might be an exception, but I don't know) take a lot more work to fit well than plastic (e.g. SKS) fenders. I prefer SKS plastic fenders (I've used the regular kind and the longboards) but your preferences may be different. I will note that, if you don't like the finish of regular SKS fenders or the cream color of longboards or etc., there are endless things you can do to plastic fenders in the way of finishes, e.g. hand-painting, applying 3M films, etc.

Tubus racks are terrific. I have two Cosmos (a newer version of the one on Yasmeen's bike), one on my daily driver, and it is my favorite rack. The Cosmo is the stainless steel version of the CrMo rack, whose name I can't remember. The second set of rails for panniers makes it a lot easier to carry a U-lock on top, or strap a bunch of other crap to the top.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Can someone point me to a physical store or reputable online vendor for Tubus racks? 

Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing any locally in Chicago, but it's been a while since I've looked, so that may have changed by now.

If you don't find any locally, here's a very reputable online vendor, who sells Tubus racks, B&M lights, and other great stuff that's often not stocked at the LBS:

I am pretty sure Boulevard Bikes, in Logan Square, can order them and may have some in stock.

I believe I saw one of the Tubus front racks at Comrade about two weeks ago. I think they may also have the Surly Nice Front rack as well. I was not looking for rear racks, so I don't know if they had Tubus or Surly in stock for those. Give them a call.

If you are not in a hurry, and plan to install them yourselves, you should order them from a German bike shop like and save yourself 30+%

/Puts on flame retardant suit/

I got a case for my Brompton from a shop in Germany (  It was about 30% less expensive than buying in the US.  The bike to go in it, I got from the I'm not a completely horrible person.

Any other nice alloyed fenders I can be looking at? These seem tricky to install based on the reviews. I like the look of metal fenders.

Berthoud stainless steel fenders are slightly heavier than Honjos but are also more durable.  Installing aluminum fenders can be tedious because they must be installed carefully without any residual stresses from their mounts or they will crack over time.  Metal fenders are far less tolerant of abuse than plastic fenders.  Personally I dont use them on a touring or commuter bike that will be subject to inevitable lumps and bumps.


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