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Hey all,

I got invited to join this group on facebook because of another group I'm associated with. 

Regardless of how you feel about "hipsters" living in Pilsen, a group promoting violence against cyclists is unacceptable. I would encourage everyone to send a message to the woman who formed this group and share your thoughts. 

Posts in the group such as this: 

'I hit a hipster with my car smoking a roll up and she call me a spic.. and kept on biking'

'ooo how about getting in a car really fast and then opening the driver door side when they roll up...and they are riding with no hand hopefully lol'

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Just goes to show the amount of filth we have to share the streets with...


I joined the group, read the kind of abhorrent posts coming out of these confused minds, reported them to FB then left the group!

This is what you can do

Agreed. I reported it, too.

John W. said:

Just reported.  This is bull$#!%.  Some people are a waste of air. 

just another zit on the ass of facebook

Not only I reported the group, I also reported every single offensive posts in there.

Thanks for the alert- I did my part.

Also- if you have a moment, screenshot the most hateful content as it can be used as evidence of intent if any of these lowlifes do actually follow through.

Seeing someone do dumb shit and wreck or fall off is kinda funny but violence for humor? 

It's so edgy to have a profile pic of you giving the finger. 

Is this one attacking our own John D.?

I was just reading this... Fun stuff indeed. Reported the group and sent the admins. Looks as though the bitch "In grog we trust" is friends with Chuck Mac. Small world.

  • Hey. I've attached a copy of the constitution. Well, I almost did but it would have required a few minutes of effort. This 'constitution' includes something called the first amendment. Also, I couldn't find one but I'm sure if you searched hard enoug, you'd be able to locate some sort of manuscript explaining how/where to procure 'a set'. Once you procure 'a set' (ovaries, testicles, whatever) you'll find that you can just turn AWAY from things you find offensive- rather than complaining about them in an effort to have them removed. If you don't like it, don't look. Simple as that.

    My Reply:

    • Interesting. freedom of speech does not protect you threatening to harm people. Your grasp of the Constitution is a fail. If you use your logic though you should just ignore hipsters. Perhaps logic isn't your strongest suit though.

They have also now closed the group so we can't see the posts. What a bunch of assholes. :-)

It got better!
  • Hipsters (i.e you. Why refer when we can just cut to the chase?) don't offend me! They annoy me and fill me with a strong violent urge to KILL. KILL. KILL. Clearly your grasp on self-awareness is 'a fail'. I can't wait to see you on on a bike! Seriously though. I'll leave this off here because it's the internet and everyone who argues on it is pretty silly but if you message me again with your petty whiney dickless bullshit there will be a real-life issue. Got it? Good. I knew we'd understand one another.



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