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I'm talking about problems for bikes or peds created by ADA curb installations that have some feature that's inappropriate for its context.

Examples: vertical edges and/or narrow spaces (insufficient if there are more than 1 or 2 people) where a trail crosses a street, a deep area that creates a moat that fills with rain, or snow or ice, etc.  I've got some here.

Major Taylor Trail crossings at 87th/Damen/Beverly and 119th/Halsted

Vincennes bike lane (NB) from 95th to 89th

What examples have you encountered in your neighborhood or in your travels?

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Yes, it's a citywide problem.

I understand the purpose behind having a crown (curvature) to the road for drainage. Unfortunately, the way that ADA installations are done often creates a bigger moat than what was there before. Rain blockers in drains may be helpful for nearby basements and for the sewer system overall, but they suck for peds and bikes.

FYI - the rubber mats are an OLD standard. Those are no longer being installed. The new standard (what's being installed now, often replacing the rubber ones) is cast iron - much more durable and unlikely to pop up like the rubber ones sometimes do.

After the gas main was replaced in front of our house last year, they did a mandated replacement of the old 100% concrete curb ramps on our corner and replaced them with the new-style cast iron pads. The old concrete was in perfect condition. The contractor apparently cut corners, and the new concrete is already starting to crack after less than 1 year.

I use a broom for getting the sidewalk clean, especially when there's a thaw-freeze cycle going on. This is especially important at the corners. And when slush in the moat starts to freeze, I have to go out and put a salt-sand mix down so people don't slip and fall. That's what I hate most about the moats - the mini skating rink that appears at the corner, making the corner even less ped friendly.

We had this problem -- it was improper work done by the contractor.  We complained, and it was redone... wrong again.  For 3 years there was a small ridge that was unpleasant on a bike and killer on a stroller. 

Bob K did amazing work and finally got it fixed, but since it was near the park district (Eugene Field Park), no one could/bothered to track down the contractor to demand a warranty fix and Ald Laurino eventually used menu money.

Bob deserves credit through. He complained every 3-4 months for 3 years until it was finally repaired.

The Sauganash Trail crossing at Devon doesn't accomodate multiple bikers or trailers really well. The signal was put on the wrong side, though I think that's been fixed.

It can take a lot of work to get these fixed. A few of us have been making noise about the problems created on the Major Taylor Trail, and we'll continue to make noise until they get fixed.

Friends of the Parks is a great ally. They've helped our Friends of the Major Taylor Trail organization in many ways.

One of these problem locations is on the Park District portion of the trail (119th and Halsted). 87th and Damen/Beverly is Dan Ryan Woods/Forest Preserve District. The nearby Vincennes location is CDOT. Ah, the fun of dealing with multiple jurisdictions and wards...



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