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The world didn't end like I was led to believe.


Unfortunately last Friday I told my boss to F-off, spent my entire life savings on cocaine and torched my house.





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It's my understanding that The Rapture consists of the true believers being swept into the heavens while the non-believers remain in this mortal existence for six months or so while increasingly bad things happen here (i.e. apocalyptic conflagration, earthquakes, volcanos, floods, broken carbon forks, etc.) all leading up to Judgment Day. It's a little like being picked last for kick ball. Buck up. Things will get worse.
Gotta disagree about breaking carbon forks.  I'm all for carbon breaking if it's a decision between bike or body(face in this case).

Kevin Conway said:
while increasingly bad things happen here (i.e. ...broken carbon forks, etc.)

as the church tells us, we are all inherently sinners by nature.  technically, that would null ANYONE from being sucked up via giant holy vaccum into space or taking the escalator to heaven (who walks up stairs anymore?).  so...maybe...we just hang tight till mid october. and celebrate halloween early.  we're probably all fucked.


we should start our own kickball teams.  repenters vs infidels or something like that.

I was looking forward to a bunch of annoying folk leaving.
I was thinking all those car driving heathen would finnally leave us. The path to heaven is narrow like single track. So all us hardcore bicyclists are sure to get in.
Wasnt that tornado in Joplin, MO the day of the rapture?  Maybe the rest of us are going to h-e double toothpick.
Maybe all true believers went to heaven like predicted... Prolly why we haven't noticed any change, unless the tornado was connected in all this. snap. i thought id be sure to be first in line :-/



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