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According to the video posted on Facebook by Chris Matthews, a police officer ran a red light and hit a cyclist near Hamlin and Jackson. Cyclist looks to have been hurt pretty bad and her bicycle was totaled. According the individual who recorded the video, her bicycle ended up underneath the police car. Link to the video is below.

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Did the cyclist get a ticket?

On a more serious note, will she be okay? Any other info?

Looking at the video... could've done without some of the commentary, especially Mr. Mathews' saying that he'd sell his video for a grand. More importantly, will there be any witnesses to come forward and give a statement? That would mean a lot more than a thousand-dollar video.

Amazing how many cops came to the scene so quickly. Guess they kinda flood the West Side in general.  

I see police commit traffic infractions all the time. I can't count how many times they may flash their lights just to run a red and then turn them right back off. No accountability.

The video clip is 4 minutes long and didn't see an ambulance in that span.  Didn't the cops radio for a EMT?  The woman appeared to be injured as she was bleeding.  

i think towards the end one can hear an ambulance approaching....

Here's an update on the case. Police say the officer had emergency lights on prior to striking the cyclist, but witnesses disagree:

Thanks for posting it. I'm glad the injuries weren't serious and she received medical care right away. I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

I wish the officer didn't say he had the lights on if he didn't - he should take responsibility. 

He didn't claim his sirens were on.  You have to turn on sirens to run a red.

Just because he (may have) had his lights on does not mean he should just blast through a red light. The questions he needs to answer are: If he was on a call, what was the emergency? Is it documented? Was it in the radio traffic? Why just lights and not a siren?

It's easy to miss mars lights if one is not looking that way, but harder to miss a horn blast or a siren. Why did the cop feel the need to blow through an intersection on his lights alone?

As it is, the CPD is in a fishbowl just now, and they really don't need to be creating even more bad PR.

Second this. I've actually never seen a police car sit through a whole red light (unless they are caught behind other traffic). At this point I just assume they'll roll lights and stay out of their way. 

One of my favorite policing behaviors, along with the cop who yelled at me for actually stopping at stop signs...

Easy to prove whether the lights/sirens were on. Activating them triggers the dash cam to save video...unless the dash cam was disabled.


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