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I took a walk today and walked along the construction area for the North Branch Trail extension.  It should be a nice trail.  These are pictures of the 1st phase construction.


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Thanks for posting the update! Looks like it'll be great when the extension is completed. 

This will be even better when it links up to the proposed Weber Spur Trail!

Yes it will...

Indeed- really hoping to see some progress on this project, too. Haven't heard much since the community meeting last summer.

yay, more carefree biking!
Nice. Thanks for the update!

Marge's Mile is being extended thru Lincolnwood also. It will hook up with the newly extended Skokie Village portion. Still no good road crossings though, except at Oakton.

What is "Marge's Mile"?  I looked on Google and didn't find anything.

Marge's Mile is what we call because it was Marge Laurino who worked on it 

Valley Line Trail


State: IL
Length: 1.1 miles
Surface: Asphalt

Just 1 mile long, the Valley Line Trail—also known as the Sauganash Trail—extends between Bryn Mawr Avenue and Devon Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Sauganash. Two bridges allow for safe crossings of busy roads. The trail, which occupies a former freight railroad corridor, also skirts the eastern edge of Sauganash Park, where you'll find parking and restrooms.

Although the Valley Line Trail is currently short, plans call for it to eventually be extended north through Lincolnwood to meet the Skokie Valley Trail, which is in the process of being extended within the community of Skokie.

Actually, Marge's Mile is along Commonwealth Edison property, not a rail corridor.

That was a former rail line.

Sections in Skokie still have the tracks.


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