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What a great way to get more people riding - start them young! 

“Now it’ll be part of an actual school day that kids can look forward to, instead of just an after-school program that sometimes they wouldn’t be able to make it — a lot of kids couldn’t make it to the Bike Club,” said Pfaff, owner of Spoke House bicycle shop.

Tulsa Public Schools will fold cycling into physical education at 10 schools as a pilot program, Physical Education Coordinator Jen Sanders said. School officials started looking at adding it to the physical education curriculum after seeing that “our Bike Club kiddos were having a lot of fun,” Sanders said.

Volunteers have been running Bike Club, an after-school program, since 2014. Bike Club has now expanded to nearly 20 elementary and middle schools. It grew from about 17 children to more than 350 in just five years.

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Smart addition. I hope that more schools will do this.

Great idea, but I'm not sure how much phys ed is even in the Chicago Public School curriculum these days.

Here in Portage Mi.  Specialized has donated 50 or more bikes to be used in the Middle School Phys Ed program for 8th grade.  Every spring  the 8th graders get a couple of weeks of practice and bike education on the adjacent MUP during their normal school day.


Teaching walking and biking safety as part of PE would be fantastic here in Illinois. Last year, we took an important step forward with bike education for kids by passing the Bike Walk Education in Schools Act (HB4799). It requires K-8 schools to provide biking and walking safety education. 



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