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Not about pedestrians, not about motorists, just about our fellow cyclists. We are all so different that stuff is bound to frustrate when we approach riding in such different ways, explain to those we think are less experienced, etc. Ok, tell us your stories, tell us your pet peeves, we're all friends! 

I'll start out with a pet peeve of mine... The cyclist that blows past me so close to me I felt the wind of their SWOOOOOSH as they fly past me but they say nothing to warn me. We're in tight quarters in the bike lane. Buy a bell and/or tell me you are there! 

p.s. sure, your pet peeve may be the forum post that's been done before but I kinda feel like this tucks into other topics so this time I'm giving the pedal pet peeve front and center.

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YES, it's really two complaints, isn't it?

Alex, it just really sounds like you feel left out and you really want to be shoaled. ;-)

Leapfrog shoalers do it  to  me.  I  am  fine with  somebody who gets in  front of  me and  stays there. I  don't  do  it  but  if they do it  I will deal.  leapfrog shoalers get in front of  me at a  light. I ride  stuck behind them until I feel I can safely pass and being  old  and cautious I am stuck  for a while. I  pass and  forget. At the next  light the  same person shoals again and we play leapfrog for a couple of miles.The pressure  gets relieve either by me making  a light that they are  forced to  stop at or  more  likely I  stop at  a light and rather than simply shoal the  leapshoaler  will blow off the light and that is with my blessing. If he/she lives to  get through the intersection alive we do not  see each other again.

Ever asked an offender about this at the next red? I've always wanted to.

I think sometimes it is just the same as the close parking spot phenomenon. There is no thought other than "must get as close as possible even if I have to drive around for a time longer than it would take to walk from the furthest spot in the lot"

Or could it be that the newer slower riders are less experienced and don't realize there is a reason for not waiting at a light way out into the intersection?

@yasmeen hahahahahaha hilarious if you read it that way. i hope it's obvious that that wasn't my intention or perspective!

I didn't bike to work today just cause I've been so f***ing sick of shoalers. Yesterday, I didn't obey stop signs and "safely" went through red lights just to get away from them, espeically after one guy kept doing it and eventually cut me off because he was upset that I kept passing him after every shoal (wtf). I've tried to change my mentality on commuting to stay calm and enjoy it again, and part of that change included not doing that. Just needed a break so I took the train today despite the commuter challenge.

Oh yeah and riders going two abreast when it's not safe, especially on the paths, though they're typically tourists on divvys or "non-cyclists" just trying to have fun and enjoy bikes while grumpy old me gets pissed off at them.

It's not always easy, but trying to change your mentality to stay calm, as you say, can pay dividends for your mental health. As someone on here once wrote, "You are on a bike, so by default things are going well."

I try to remember that, though I don't always. :)

Oh, man....if I had good mental health, I would be the most boring person in the world. :) thing I love about cycling: when I get road rage, people *will hear me*!! One thing I love to do, for example....someone in a car just kinda hovers there doing nothing and blocks traffic and you don't know whether it's safe to proceed, I'll yell, "TRY THE PEDAL ON THE RIGHT! MAYBE IT DOES SOMETHING!!" THAT is what keeps the gray hairs away. :)

I like that:

It's not always easy, but trying to change your mentality to stay calm, as you say, can pay dividends for your mental health. As someone on here once wrote, "You are on a bike, so by default things are going well.

I've solved shoaling anger by altering my commute to a longer but less traveled route. The extra minutes are a small price for the peace of mind!

I HATE bratty cyclists who pass me on the left of my car on my way home from work!! Total disregard of stoplights , stop signs other cars during rush houror pedestrians!!If you're on the road, OBEY the rules of the road!! And wear a helmet! You are asking to get hit,, and no amount of white paint on your bike will make me feel sorry for you.... only the poor driver who's on their way home to get their OWN bike and ride! And now carries that sadness of killing someone inadvertently! We need Licence plates on bikes!?


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