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This 111 year old bike is the only one in existence that was raced by Major Taylor.

He was the USA's first black superstar athlete, who fought constant racism to become the world champion cyclist in 1899.

20 years ago, a film company which was working on a movie of Taylor, sent experts to examine the bike. They concluded that it was authentic, and they offered to buy it, but the owner, Jack Walsh (Australian national champion) refused to sell:

But Jack died 4 years ago, and now and it's up for sale on Ebay right now.

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If only the Chicago History Museum were able to purchase this incredible piece of history, but I doubt they can afford it at $20,000. Hard for me to know if that's a fair price, but I do know it's incredibly rare and it would be AMAZING to have it kept in Chicago and displayed in Chicago as part of Major Taylor's legacy here.  Either that or a public collection near Worcester, MA, with which he is also associated. 

Agreed. It would be VERY cool if it ended up in a public collection either in Chicago or Worcester.
I'd be surprised if the History Museum couldn't wrangle a donor for it if the price is that low (and it's the genuine bike). Does anyone over there know about it?
I don't think this is an awful price, considering the historic significance. I don't even know if the current offers are anywhere near 20k yet. I can say that the way to be sure you win it, is simply to plonk the 20 and 'buy' it.

I don't know anybody at any of the relevant museums, or even in the press to notify.


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