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With 2019 in the bag I am stuck at 99,913.  This will have to wait for April to cross that finish line & get the gold.

Attached is a comprehensive report on the state of affairs along the City of Chicago's Lake Front Trail.  If you live in the Chicago area I highly suggest you study this.  This has been submitted to the Active Transportation Alliance, the bike lobby, in Chicago.Copy%20of%20bike_miles%20new%2097-1%20102816.xlsANALYSIS%20OF%20CONDITIONS%20ON%20THE%20LAKE%20FRONT%20TRAIL.docxRECORD%20OF%20INTERFERENCE%20ON%20BIKE%20TRAIL%20June.docx

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It's not that bad man.

Congrats Jonathan!   If you really really wanted to (not saying you should this year) there may be a warm-up on Thursday and Friday where you could go up and down the LFT to put the miles on.   Although that wouldn't give enough time to plan for a finish line celebration that you ought to have if you do it in the spring?   That would actually be fun for you to do in April! 

Seniors can legally ride on the sidewalk?


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