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The North Branch Trail is flooded just south of Harts Rd. The water is at least 2 feet deep. Well over the hub of a 700C wheel (yup, I tried) & looks like it will last a couple more days. There is a work around through the Bunker Hill parking lot.

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Not really surprised. I would expect that parts of the Des Plaines River Trail and riverfront path in Albany Park and West Rogers Park are probably underwater as well.

North of Devon is high ground, so I wouldn't expect to see problems there. I was referring to the section south of Devon, which has a number of underpasses close to river level.

Understood. I haven't ridden along the North Branch of the river or the North Shore Channel in the last 2 weeks. My comments are based on experience in previous years after similar weather conditions, when some low lying sections south of Devon were underwater. Thank you for sharing your observations.

Anne, thanks. Definitely a good reminder - especially with the Des Plaines River Trail (usually pretty bad after heavy rains). Those low spots are definitely good to remember when using the underpasses next to the rivers.

The Trail Conditions group has been added to the Quick Links. I copied the North Branch trail flooding information to that group. No need to close this thread but if you are looking for updates or want to post updates on trail conditions, check this group out:

Rode through there tonight (05/05) - clear and dry (& saw a raccoon strolling along a downed log). Harts Road is getting torn up, so be aware of construction there.


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