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North Branch thinking of riding it today...need some perspective

Looking for a relaxing ride to the botanical gardens. I live in the city but plan to drive up to Willow road or around there and take the trail up and back from the gardens. 

Anyone do this ride recently? Fairly easy? Maybe I start somewhat further south? Am riding with my wife who does not normally ride and would like this to be a great experience for her. 

Thanks in advance.

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I did some of it this morning but rode up from Winnemac Park so I can't speak about parking or anything. I would absolutely recommend it. It's really enjoyable.

Okay, so we did the ride. Pretty decent. We rode up a fair distance. On the way back, we saw the Green Bay trail. I want to check that out and see if that is a highway to Wisconsin (I can only hope because I'd love to do a century on a road like that.)

Thanks for the response Meg. 

You can definitely take the Greenbay Trail into Wisconsin (it does break a couple of times and undergo name changes though).. You can pretty much take trails all the way to Milwaukee.

The Green Bay/McClorey ends just south of Kenosha, but it's not too far from town and safe enough to ride the rest of the way. Most of it is not paved and north of the naval station there are no trees so it's hot and dusty in the summer. There are plenty of trails in Wisconsin that will get you to Milwaukee and Madison, though there are a few breaks where you need to use roads.

@Tricolor and @SteveDennis - would either of you be willing to chat with me to map out a ride? I would like to get in a roundtrip (or even if one way, I suppose I could take the Amtrak back). 


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