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Where and when is the ribbon cutting ceremony (if there is one) for the Grand Opening of the first half of the North Branch Trail extension?

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I rode the extension today.  It's all open and its all lovely.  Shiny new signs point the way and there were bike ambassadors passing out maps at one of the bridges.  Google maps doesn't have the extension marked yet, but we rode it to Forest Glen which allowed us to bike home to Andersonville without riding on Devon, Peterson or Foster.  A major improvement already!  

The southern extension construction is underway.

I rode the new extension on my Sunday morning out-and-back to the Botanic Gardens, and I think it's great.

Paved today!  Gompers Park to Forest Glen Ave.  (not officially open yet)

Woo-hoo, can't wait! Thanks for the photo-tour update.

I saw the first drops of asphalt being dumped in the morning. I thought it was a mirage. Awesome. Thanks for photos

Getting close to phase 2, can't wait!

I rode thru there yesterday, Saturday 6/9.  It's all but complete.  A few places where wooden plates cross.  There were NO "No Trespassing" signs, tho these will probably come later.  There were no barriers, but it looked like riders may have moved them. 

Grand Opening is scheduled for August 12th - but I'm not sure how much more really needs to be done.  Mostly decorative. Or maybe they just finished sooner than expected.

It's still gravel, but the short path north to Bryn Mawr and the Skokie Valley/Sauganash trail is available but not the smoothest.

You can exit the trail directly into Gompers Park, ride down a gravel hill or walk down steps to the paved path along the river.  This runs between the path and the stop light on Foster to get a block away from the paved path thru Gompers Park on the south side of Foster.

I didn't realize the part between Forest Glen and Foster had been paved. It'll be nice to try out going on this trail, soon. Even if unofficially before its grand opening. :)

It has to be getting real close... I took this picture this evening from Forest Glen Avenue... Noticed the newly painted center line!

Also, there wasn't any caution tape or no trespassing signs.  I didn't go further on the trail as it was getting late and I was headed home.


Other than some more landscaping and eventually replacing the wood railings with metal at the bridges, it is fully open.  I rode all 1.2 miles of it yesterday afternoon. 

Where the trail  crosses the Weber Spur it's BLOCKED  from the Weber Spur.

It's only 2000-FEET north to Bryn Mawr and the Skokie Valley Trail to Devon and north through Lincolnwood.


Why is this blocked off?

Probably because it's not an official trail. 


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