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New Year's Day Johnny Sprocket's Ride: Saved a Life This Morning

From their FB page:

Last year we started a tradition to begin the new year with a group ride. This year that tradition saved a man’s life. 
Around 10:30 this morning we left the bike shop, jumped on the lakefront path at the Barry underpass and headed north. We immediately noticed an older man walking south. He stood out because he wasn’t wearing a hat, gloves, or a coat in -2 F. Just as I stop to ask if he’s ok he stumbles and falls sideways into the snow. I help him up, ask him questions, one of the guys gives him a pair of gloves. I give him my jacket. He’s not making much sense but can walk so we help him to a park bench, Michael calls an ambulance, Gene tries to find a cop, they arrive quickly and the pros take over. They think he wandered out of one of the retirement homes nearby. Based on the look on their faces they seemed more perplexed that we were out riding bikes in this weather. 
The older man was confused and didn’t know why he was outside but he thanked us for stopping to help him. Since there was nothing more we could do for him we decided to continue our ride. As we’re riding away Ken, who’s a doctor, says “he would have died if we hadn’t stopped.” The cold would have taken him quickly. 
33 years of riding and the experiences I have on my bicycle never cease to amaze me. I am grateful that this adventurous group of people joined me for such a cold ride and that we were able to help someone when they needed help the most. 

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Very well done.

Wow. A great start to the year.


Good job! Great way to start the New Year!  Hey, how do you guys keep your goggles from fogging when you stop?

Get a pair with double lenses that may or may not say, “anti fog.” I’ve commuted many winters with the same pair and they have never fogged up. Also, whatever you use to cover your face should have a way for your breath to escape. When I’ve used just regular glasses with a neck gaiter they fog up if I have it pulled up over my nose because your breath is directed behind your glasses. For single digit temps and below I’m a fan of ski goggles. 

Thanks.  When you say "a pair", do you mean a pair of googles, or of sunglasses, or ...?  So, even when you ride hard/fast, when you come to a stop and are breathing hard, your goggles (or glasses, or...) don't start to fog up?  I often have to cut a bigger hole for the mouth in my balaclavas, because the little array of holes is does not allow for enough expulsion of air.  The balaclava must also be the type/design with a nostril vent too.  They never fit very well though. And after cutting the hole for the  mouth, they tend to fall apart/decay quicker ... 

I meant ski goggles. And yes, they have never fogged up no matter how hard I ride or if I’m stopped. 

I have ski goggles and use the little anti-fog wipes for mine (I have cheap goggles).

Ok. Thanks Geoffrey and Yasmeen. Those of use who must have Rx glasses are always searching for better extreme-weather winter cycling eye/face solutions :)!  I will try wearing my little round eyeglasses under a pair of over-the-glasses (OTG) double lens, anti-fog goggles, and also carry anti-fog "wipes" (brand?, where to buy?) just in case!

A substance called "Cat Crap" (really) is very good at preventing fogging on both eyeglasses and your OTG ski goggles (or any other goggles).

Source: I'm a skier too.


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