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New Bike Rack at ALDI. Should we be thankful... or insulted?

Had the Grand Re-Opening of the 20+ year old ALDI in up here in Round Lake Beach IL (NW 'burbs) just a few days ago.

Knowing the upgrade was coming, members of the Round Lake Area Bicycle Club started early, attending the Zoning meetings where the remodeling was discussed, convinced the village and ALDI Project Manager w/plenty of photos that cyclists DID shop at that store and that bicycle parking was both justified and essential (almost 30,000 residents in our village!), and provided several documents showing what made for good (and bad) retail bike parking.  

After the experiences with the new Meijer (itty-bitty non-supportive "Wave" rack) and a re-modeled Jewel-Osco (Undersized "Comb" or schoolyard style rack, mounted too close to a wall)... we thought we'd finally get a Home Run here.

This store NEVER puts out "Seasonal Merchandise" like pallets of mulch, Halloween Pumpkins, firewood, etc. Otherwise, we could >almost< understand why the bike rack wasn't place closer to the entrance.

Well, at least they provided a good type of rack, and the location is easily and inexpensively expandable when we show over time that more is needed. The "kicker" is that they cut down a tree which formerly provided the only secure attachment point, so our net gain of parking spots is zero (although the "Staple" design provides more physical support).

"One step at a time"... right?

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That'll learn you to go to Aldi....yuk...

Aldi is amazing if you give it a chance and change your expectations about what a supermarket should be. It's not a lifestyle experience like whole foods or Mariano's but they're quality is excellent, they pay their workers very well (and let them sit down like in Europe) and their prices are something working class people can actually afford. 

I'm with you.  I like Aldi a lot, racks or no racks.   

I've found that a vast majority of their products are just as good, if not better, than the "name brand" equivalent.

However, some of their products (tomato soup, instant mashed potatoes and certain varieties of their yogurt come to mind) leave much to be desired. 

Overall though, I do a lot of my shopping there. When on a limited budget, their prices can't be beat.


Have you tried their Greek yogurt?  I think it's pretty good.  And I just got a nice ceramic knife there for under $7.  

Yes, I do like their Greek yogurt. It's the regular, "blended" yogurt I don't care for.


dude, what's your damage? there's no need to grocery shame here, jeez. i'm actually guessing this has something weird to do with class, but come on, knock it off.


LOL, I agree. One for the books. :)

I have raised the same issue with an Aldi here in Chicago (Pulaski & Argyle).  It currently has zero bike parking, and plenty of biking customers.

I complained to a store manager last week, and was told it was being added during a remodel. So we'll see if I can add a similarly sad photo to yours here on this thread.

Aldi Corporate tends to be pretty responsive. They did not shovel their sidewalks during snow which I found despicable since so many of their customers walk or take the bus. I complained to their headquarters and it was fixed within 24 hours, esp. after I reminded them it was the law.  (No such like with the Home Depot.)

Location and amount of bike parking - not ideal. At least it's a functional rack.

At least there is a rack. The last time I visited the Aldi on Montrose at Western and the one on Milwaukee north of North, neither had bike racks. Both newly remodeled, both visited by lots of bicyclists.


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