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My dad, who's almost 70, recently started riding his bike following a hip replacement (based on doctor's orders).

Over the past couple weeks, the cycling bug must be taking hold, because his mileage and speed is steadily increasing and he's even using his iPhone to track his rides on Strava.

He's got one of those Trek "comfort bikes," which he has stubbornly said is all he needs, but now that he's getting into riding more, he's starting to want something a little faster.

So...something good for recreational rides on pavement and bike paths in Arizona, reasonably light and fast but also comfortable. Not too expensive, but good quality.

Ok...GO! (and thank you for your input)

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Here's another - Raleigh offers their Clubman in a mixte.

I think the Bianchi Volpe or Surly Cross Check would be excellent options and allow him the possibility of future tours. And it would match his new, hip lifestyle.

Totes. He's hip and he has a new hip.

Thank you for the suggestions! He doesn't have mobility issues...and I'm sure he'd prefer a standard top tube (vs. a mixte).

The Cross Check/Straggler/Volpe/Clubman are definitely along the lines of what I had in mind. The Coda could be a good option if he'd prefer flat bars.

The 650b is an intriguing option, since he's a few inches shorter than I am...and I'm not tall to begin with. 

If you get the straggler before April, you can get $150 off a full bike price.

Straggler was going head to head with Wolverine when I was making my decision.

If at any time he'd want to go single speed, he can do that easily with the Straggler.

I don't ever see him going single speed. I could see the Wolverine being a good option too, though!

Take him to a trusted bike shop and let him try out a few bikes. I've noticed that oftentimes people recommend the bike that they wish to have, not necessarily what's best for the new rider.

Definitely agree. I look forward to when he gets on a road bike and feels how much easier it is to propel than the hybrid he's on.

There are so many questions to ask and discussion to have before a worthwhile recommendation can be made.

What is he riding now, what does he like?  What does he not like?

How much does he ride, what are his goals in cycling?

Transition road bike. Light weight aluminium, slight comfortable upright position, 'faster', reasonably priced, upgrade/resellable.


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