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My very smooth move on my bike last Sunday (and the kindness of strangers)

Early into my ride on Sunday, I was attempting to move my bike over at a stop light to open up the turning lane (car behind me), lost balance because I was half-clipped in, moved the bike too much, and fell over. Two pedestrians immediately jumped off the curb to pick me and my bike up off the ground. Both of them and the car behind me all asked if I was ok. The driver wasn't in a hurry, just wanted to know if I was OK once again before turning. Here I was feeling so embarrassed and they made me feel a million times better. I am still smiling when I think of them. I straightened my bent hood and rode for another 40+ miles.

I survived. A picture from later that ride... 

So, anyone else have any random acts of kindness to share? How about just a fall for no reason? Please feel free to chime in and share. :-)

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I only fall off my bike when there is a large group to witness, and usually in front of some cars, too.  ;-)

Glad you were able to dust yourself off and keep going.

Thanks Shay. :-)

Thanks for sharing. :-) I like your summary. "We all fall." Truth. Especially when wearing new cleats with my new shoes (they are super sticky right now).

Sounds like your ride was epic enough for your Rapha wear :)

When this happens in front of people, you're supposed to jump up and start inspecting the pedal like there must be something wrong with it!


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