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Music... headphones or bluetooth speaker? I stopped wearing the right ear headphone. 

Bluetooth speaker has been good. At stop lights, some people (most) smile and laugh - late 80's / early 90's dance music. Just because. Nothing obscure, just making other riders smile - like when they smiled when they went to a good movie like Life of Pets or whatever their Secret is. 

Anyway - those of you who wear full headphones... BOO on you!

Those who have a bluetooth and people can hear you and the music you like. Good for you! 

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Is there any precedent of this (headphones effecting liability in litigation)? Is there statistical evidence or hard numbers to prove you could hear through a loud speaker but no through regular in ear headphones (as opposed to noise cancelling)?

I would think there are too many variables. Certainly whether one is listening to a podcast or something in low volume on headphones, vs. loud volume on speakers. Also regular in-ear headphones (apple type), vs. noise cancelling or over the ear. Not to mention the added fact that Chicago is a noisy enough city to impair your hearing regardless. 

Should deaf people be banned from riding then? I'm confused. 

Why does the burden of proof always lay more heavily on the victim, the cyclists behavior at time of the crash, and not those of the driver?

Would you have heard the engine of that approaching vehicle? a post Tesla era of motor vehicles that might not be possible any more.)

There are enough nearly silent cars between hybrids and electric vehicles that I listen for tires on the pavement.

Pay attention, hear the ambient noise and your experience as a rider is gonna get you home. 

Yep. Hearing street sounds that may warn you of approaching trouble can prevent a crash and maybe save your life.

And personal tastes attacks are not necessary either. And how do you know that you're a better rider than me?

He's joking. It's all light-heartedly humor and making fun of all of us, including himself. 

I challenge you to a bike duel down lakeshore drive this Sunday at dawn . . . !

Can we watch, and can we bring ice cream?

Ok. But l'll need plenty of loud thumping music at the start to get my adrenaline going . . . !

I used to be the drummer for a porno music band. We were called the Pull Outs. I will bring the drumset for sure (I have to clean it though...)

Careful, only certain types of humor are acceptable here! . . . \`~'/


I only use earphones for navigation.

So far, never been bored, even on long rides. Well, perhaps, only on something like that trail to Kenosha ;)


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