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Motorists Should Start Behaving Better To Get New Highways, Fix Roads, etc.

As we know, motorists regularly run reds, don't stop at crosswalks, turn without signaling, drive while intoxicated, drive while distracted, and generally ignore the rules of the roads. They need to earn their roads with better behavior. If they don't, cities should show them safe infrastructure and the ability to drive will be the price. 

A modest proposal:

- Until drivers behave better and stop killing people, all departments of transportation should stop creating new highways and infrastructure. Drivers need to EARN it. 

- Until drivers behave better and stop killing people, there should be a freeze on all repairs of current infrastructure including roads, bridges, etc. 

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Silly talk

Not sure that would work as drivers would buy those large Jeeps and order a bunch of Domino's pizza to get their routes repaired.

FYI a little reading on what the "Modest Proposal" is a reference to:


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