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I’m still pretty new to Chicago and would love to meet some bike enthusiasts. I also love beer. Wanna meet up at Beermiscuous at 5 on Saturday, drink some brews and talk bikes/beer? They’re doing a raffle and they’re tapping vanilla Bourbon County Stout. I’m a 29yr old daycare teacher (hopefully a high school sub in a couple months). Reply or send me a message!

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Not available Saturday but love to see posts like this!

Hi Noah! Beer and bikes are a great combination. Did you mean 2/2 for the date? It reads 1/2. I can help you change it if you'd like. Also, please feel free to create an event for meet ups like this. 

Yasmeen, I changed it! Thanks for the heads up about that mistake! Cool - I’ll make an event page next time. What a great community, I’m glad to have gotten a couple kind responses so far!

Alex Z, heck yeah!

2/9 there might be a ride to 3 floyds. have you joined cbes?

Bobweiser, I ave joined! Thanks for the Heads up, I might have to join for that

Sounds fun, but....I'll be at Chicago Ale Fest - Winter edition(evening session). If you like beer, this is a lot of fun. They have a ton of beer, lots of samples to get. There's also some food trucks. Last winter was at Navy Pier, Summer was in Grant Park. I'll be there with my wife and some friends, so feel free to join.

Thanks for the kind invite, Jaik S! I’ll look into it. I went to the Chicago’s beer Fest last Herat the Field Museum and the Big North event at Half Acre. I’ll definitely check out the Ale Fest!

Be sure to say hi to Austin, the beer curator, if he's around. He met his wife on a Wicker Park Critical Mass ride.

Cool! I will! Thanks for the info :)


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