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Bicycle superhighways linking the 'burbs to the city. // Sob //

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Have you seen the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020?  The "Spoke Routes" are the same concept.

Our Spoke Routes are a start, but I suspect it will take another generation or two of bike improvements to get close to what Copenhagen has.  At least we're starting to move in the right direction.

Meanwhile, is there any word on when we'll get Vincennes, particularly the middle portion?  I'm sure the viaducts at 83rd are the biggest bottleneck.  It will be much more critical to have this become a viable bike route when the south side red line is shut down next summer.

The Copenhagen bike super highway costs about $ 1 million per mile. It is paid for by the city of Copenhagen and the surrounding municipalities and it has support from across the political spectrum because they see it as a vital need that will save millions of dollars in transportation, health care and environmental costs. I'm sorry to say, but this will never happen in Chicago or any other metro area in the US. Not now nor 50 years from now. As a country we just don't get it and sadly never will.

London's planned SkyCycle, a network of toll bikeways elevated above the rest of traffic.  Interesting idea.

A dream of mine...


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