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McBike - Let's bring it to Chicago and end bike drive-through discrimination

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At 0:23, the text "PEOPLE CHERISH AND CHOOSE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE" is supposed to be a joke in this context, right?

McDonald's isn't healthy?

This is not in America. If you notice the cup size is about a medium sized drink here, which almost a lot of people get the large here because it cost the same whatever size.

Perhaps the McNuggets are not as processed in those Dutch McDonald's.

McDonald's HQ is right here in Oak Brook... Why can't we have this here in the Chicagoland area?

I did this with some friends once when I was working at a McDonald's in Michigan.  We knew the person on the other end of the speaker so they let us through.

I tried it at a McD's on the south side a few years ago and was told it was a security/insurance issue.  They told me that they couldn't serve me or even take my order unless I was in a car.

Send lawyers, guns & money...    ;)  (in the words of the immortal Warren Zevon)

"Lawyers and Insurance Companies"...



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