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Would you like to serve on the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council?


It’s a two-year term, and the present Community Representative’s term will end with the June meeting, and a new set of representatives will begin with the September meeting.

It would be for 2 years, the meetings are held every three month, so that means only 8 meetings.  The meetings are usually from 3:00-4:30 PM at City Hall, on the 2nd Wednesday of the four months each year.


Information on the councils is available at:


The participants in the meetings are at:


Records of past meetings are at and the agenda and minutes of past meetings are posted there, to give you some idea of what goes on.


The five “Community Representatives” are representatives from the south, south-west, west, north, and north-west sides; there are no rigid boundaries, this just a general layout.  Representatives should live in the city, and should not be employees of the city.


If you’re interested and have question or want to apply contact Charlie Short,  In your email include your name, address, phone and email and a short description of your involvement in bicycling and what you could bring to the Council. 


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Thanks for the post Bob. I'll definitely check it out. Are you currently sitting on the council?

Yes, for the last two years.  Along with others.  It's been an interesting experience and I want to encourage other to apply and participate.

In addition to attending quarterly meetings, it's a good thing to monitor what's happening with bike issues in your area of the city and try to do some outreach to get a sense of what issues are relevant to people there.


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