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Looks like they're finally extending the Washington St Bike lane in the Loop

Rode down Washington St. to get to the LFT. The construction that has been a headache around Wabash and Michigan seems like it's going protected bike lane treatment.

I'm curious to see how this works with 19 E Washington -- it's a medical building so there are a lot of people being dropped off right by the alley past the bus stop.  Also how the intersection with Michigan is handled for those who want to turn left off Washington St to head North.

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I'm very excited about this last "missing link" going in on Washington, as it's part of my daily commute.

I e-mailed CDOT in August asking whether the Washington PBL was going to be extended, and got this official response, so it looks like good news that they will somehow make it possible to bike from Washington to Randolph, but the details remain to be seen:

Yes, we are currently working on a plan to extend the eastbound bike lane to Michigan Avenue and connecting north to the eastbound bike lane on Randolph to the Lakefront Trail.  We're aiming to have this extension installed in conjunction with the completion of the Loop Link work later this year.

Most awesome! but depending on where one get onto Washington, there are still plenty of missing links - most irritatingly for me, the several blocks west of Wacker.

That turn at Randolph/Michigan is hairy, so keen to see what they propose.

(And also, maybe help all the limo drivers that park in front of Millenium Park at Randolph to move along!)

That's good news. Another missing link filled.

This may help prevent disastrous moments. Coming out of the last segment there past State, a tractor trailer almost turned into my path nearly crushing me till I stopped and yelled a few months ago.

Good news, thanks for posting.

The gap on Washington that I'm interested to see filled in is the one east of Clinton. Washington is a great ride into the city from as far west as Garfield park, but between Clinton and the PBL it can be hairy.


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