Who are your favorites? Why?

Full disclosure: We have three shops that support The Chainlink race team and ambassadors - Boulevard Bikes, Turin, and Tailwind Cycles

I must admit, coming to D.C., I haven't found a local bike shop I'm super comfy with yet which made me think - if I was new to Chicago, I'd be in the same boat. So let's make it easy on people by sharing our thoughts on Chicago's local bike shops (I may be biased, but I think they are some of the best and most welcoming IMO).

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I like to do business with the folks at Blue City. They're down-to-earth and just do great work. It's a short ride down from Pilsen to their location in Bridgeport, and totally worth it.

Finally somebody representing for the south side!  Yes!  Blue City and Irv's Bike Shop, perennial favorites.  Although to be fair, there are great shops all over Chicago, because in general people who ride bikes and work in bike shops tend to be really good people.

Gotta say I feel really lucky to be close to 2BICI bike shop out in Willow Springs on Archer. Great guys that know bikes.

There are tons of great bike shops in our city.  My top three-

Uptown Bikes

Boulevard Bikes

Ciclo Urbano/West Town

If you haven't yet nominated your favorites for The Chainlink's Best of Biking in Chicago, please let us know who you love:


I live downtown - Randolph and the lakefront. I am within a half mile of the Millennium Park bike shop on Randolph, just east of Michigan. They also rent bikes. I think Dan Ioja, the bike mechanic there is the best I have ever encountered. I am 78 years old, retired and ride  my bike daily all year round. Dan and his assistants keep my bikes running great. I have several bikes, one of them has a basket on the front to ride my dog along. Dan created the front carrier with a basket set down on it.That way it doesn't hang directly on my handlebars. Brilliant work! It is much safer for me and my pooch. In the years I have gone there, I have never found a problem he couldn't solve quickly and efficiently. Check it out. I  have attached a picture of my dog in the basket. You can see some of his work suspending it down. 


Tony, good for you: 78 and still riding year round. You are my goal.

Yes, Tony! Just 'keep on pedaling!' . . .

Thanks! I write a blog on Diet, Exercise and living Past 100. Check it out @ guysandgoodhealth.com.

Nice blog, Tony. I think my ladyfriend Ann and I met you once at Olive Park. I have a recumbent trike with yellow flags on two poles.

Wow! Small world! Maybe I will run across you folks out on the bike path again. Have a great weekend!

Love the pic of your pup! What's your dog's name? 


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