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The planned bike path route has many sharp turns and detours closer to the lake.  This doesn't seem very realistic.  If this is enforced, I may take streets south to Montrose and pick up the LFT there.  I don't think this is what the public had in mind for the trail separation project.

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The added mileage isn't the issue. It's the sharp turns and little kids darting out across the bike path that will now be next to playgrounds. Also, new street crossing and path crossovers will increase the number of conflict zones.
So the detour is in place now. It caught me by surprise. Those of you who will be taking the LFT between Montrose and Ardmore and haven't yet - STAY FOCUSED ON THE PATH...because it is VERY poorly signed. I almost crashed into a closure sign twice on my most recent trip because there were no warnings, and I was busy looking both ways to make sure I wasn't going to collide with a car or a pedestrian.

I went running on the LFP yesterday, and I hit the detour going northbound. I saw one sign, and it told me to go right. I ended up running around Montrose Harbor, which certainly isn't the correct direction. 

I found this map:

It's possible I missed a sign or two, but if I missed them at running speed, they've got to be even harder to spot at biking speed. 

The outline of the two paths on the map pretty much sums up how this configuration is going to work out. 

*My reply posted twice; sorry about that.*

The Chicago Park District seems to have completely ignored their cycling "patrons" in the design of the separated "bike path" on the lakefront.  It's too narrow.  It often goes way too close to the LSD highway.  And as has been pointed out here and elsewhere, in a number of locations they will make bigger problems than they are purporting to solve due to changes in the route.

Where are the pedestrians east of the soccer field and near Foster beach supposed to walk now that their sidewalks have been converted to a bike path?  As far as I know there are no plans to replace the sidewalks. These people will now be walking on the bike path. How is this an improvement?

It's not finished yet. 

More space is MORE space. Enjoy it. 

It’s not more space unless replacement sidewalks are added. 

I was hoping to be pleased with the new Ardmore to Montrose bike path, but after my first trip on it last night, I'm just aghast.  This is just horrible, horrible design that increases the chances of pedestrian/bicycle accidents and only modestly helps vehicle/bicycle interchanges.

Basically, the whole new path is between the recreational fields and the parking lots.  Man, that's some dumb stuff.IMG_20180625_174647.jpg

It's narrower than the old path, has no shoulders and it will still be used by pedestrians wanting to go to the water. It should have been flipped so bikes still take the shorter (and wider) path.

I came upon this detour on Saturday night on my way to Andersonville and had no idea where to go. I just took Marine Drive instead. 


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