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I look forward to improvements on the Lakefront Path but detours must be provided while construction is underway.  This is unacceptable:

(Southbound just south of E Waldron Drive)

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Blocking off that underpass is especially frustrating and seemingly pointless. At the southern end of the 31st St parking lot, I crossed the trail to go around that concession stand (had to walk on the sandy part). Crossing the trail brought me quite close to the equipment. I now see I might be able to continue down Ft Dearborn Drive... maybe. They need signs. 

Also, when I was returning home around 8 p.m. Monday night, the southern end of the northbound McCormick tunnel had a gate across it. I snuck my bike under and haven't been arrested yet. Northern end was unblocked.

I'm worried that some morning or evening I'm just not going to be able to complete my commute.

Totally agree that underpass closure is pointless. 

Here is the detour that worked for me to deal with it. 

How does one access the McCormick tunnels?

Blue line is southbound, orange line is northbound if you want to stay with the direction of traffic with the tunnels. Sorry about my squiggly lines. And you can avoid E. 18th Drive by using the parking lots along the way just east of the roads there.

Thanks! I'll try it the next time I'm riding through there. If I ride to work my commute takes me along most of the LFP but I mostly drive these days because it saves so much time. I miss it, though. 

Thanks very much for posting this!


Got stymied by bears pedestrian traffic trying to access the trail at the 18th street overpass, so I took this route to 31st


Thanks for posting your detour and I'm just reposting your image inline instead of as a link. And I'm also trying to figure out how you did this route. Did you use the bus route along the tracks that shuttles between parking garages up by Millenium Park and the newer McCormick place that is west of LSD? I'm always looking for routes other than the stretch of the Lakefront Path between McCormick and 31st street. For some reason, it's that stretch during winter commuting where my hands and toes are just so cold that I start questioning why I'm out there riding. I'd happily keep on pedaling another route that is a bit more sheltered from the wind in the last couple miles of the morning ride.

Thanks for reposting the image.  I came from 18th street and had planned to go over the Metra tracks via the pedestrian bridge.  It was too crowded with people, so at the first switchback, the gate was open where buses where dropping off.  A security guard yelled at me, but I ignored him and kept going.  So, yes I think it's the bus route you mention.  I'm not sure where you can access it further north.

Thanks for the details especially about the yelling. I try to avoid getting yelled at so I'll probably skip the detour. I've never ridden the bus route except to ride the bus. I expect the bus route isn't bicycle friendly.

Looks like that road is inaccessible anyway unless they have the gate open... but now i’m curious about “moe drive”...

Any updates on the path south of 63rd St beach?


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