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After being in June for some years, this year's massive L.A.T.E. (Long After Twilight Ends) ride is Saturday August 13th 20th (through early Sunday).  They announced in December but I only just noticed, figured it might be news to others.

That also happens to be Air&Water Show weekend, which typically blocks portions of the lakefront trail that the ride usually uses, and there may be Metra bike bans?  But I presume they'll figure things out.  That also happens to fall on a Midnight Marauders 3rd Saturday.

As per

Mark you calendars - Friends of the Parks' 2016 LATE Ride will be held on August 20-21st!

Unfortunately, our date is subject to the availability of the Chicago Park District. LATE Ride will be August 20-21 this year.

Our parent organization, Friends of the Parks, has been through transition and has a new executive director as of September 2015. We have been reviewing all the feedback from the last few years, are bringing on a new contractor to support the event, and look forward to a much improved experience for all this year. Please feel free to message us with any other feedback.

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Interesting information. It'll be interesting to see how the ride changes with the new leadership - hopefully the changes with the new contractor will bring about some good changes.

3-28-16. at 9:58pm
The LATE Ride is officially set for August 13 / 14.
Registration will be up and running soon.

The LATE ride's been a cluster f*** for the past few years after a change in management. I've given up on it.

I was trying to be purely informational, but yeah, seemed largely unstaffed.  I remember loving 2008+- when there were bands and McD served thousands of sunrise breakfasts.  I and just a few others have inline skated it.

I wouldn't be surprised if as the date approaches they decide to skip a year.  It's gotta be a beast to produce.  Maybe ATA could help.

What an unfortunate choice of dates.

I worked as a ride marshal this past year and it was really embarrassing when I ran out of tubes/ CO2 (that were my own stash, not provided by Friends of the Park) to help those with flats and when I called the contact number I was told : "there is no SAG/support..."  

I also saw so many close calls of bikes vs cars at busy intersections-- I know they handed out info saying we had to obey stop lights, etc, but most riders either didn't care, didn't know, or expected that after paying a ride fee we would have a safe course.  

I know this isn't "Bike the Drive" but if they're going to charge $50-70, it can't just be a night ride on Chicago streets that we're just given a bib for.  Needs to be something resembling a "race" (ie road closures, mobile medics, support, repair, etc...)  


Confirming Tom's post, LATE ride this year is Saturday August 13th (-early Sunday the 14th).

Announced at

Hello LATE Riders. So our last tentative date got bumped as well by the city. We are now officially set for August 13/14, 2016 for LATE Ride. Stay tuned, we'll get registration up and running soon. In the meantime, dust off your bikes and get out and enjoy your parks!

Just a reminder to whomever is interested here, that the rescheduled 2016 L.A.T.E. Ride is on for August 13-14, this Saturday night till Sunday morning sunrise. Pre-ride festival starts at 10:30pm, and the L.A.T.E. Ride starts to roll after 1am.The last day for the pre-registered discount is Thursday at Midnight.
See you there! . . .


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