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He just did walk right into the street starring into his phone.  I just barely managed to swerve around him and he had the gall to yell at me "#!@#$ you I just lost the nidorino!!!" This stupid, racist game is a bike safety menace and should be banned.

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Every time you play this message appears on start-up.

Pay attention to warning messages? !

Teen hit by car while playing Pokèmon Go!

Players get locked in cemetery when gates close!


I saw about 20 people in a mile stretch on the local trail here in Downtown Peoria on Tuesday all over the bike path playing the game.  It has tragedy in the making written all over it.

"EYES UP!" I'm now yelling several times a day.

Strava's been sued a few times over their leaderboard inspiring risks, and that's just one little cycling app.  I've gotta believe PokeGo'll be getting lawsuits by the sackful any day now.

Life hack, How to Turn Your Bike Into a Pokémon Go Machine

This sounds like a very bad idea. VERY bad.

I thought about doing something like this for Ingress a few years ago when it came out, but anything other than being on foot isn't really good since you had to stop a lot.

2 men cross a fence, fall off a cliff while playing Pokémon Go, both injured, one unconcious.

All of these Pokémon zombie posts are too bizarre to be true. Is any of this actually happening? Are any of you real???


Yes! Yes! Yes! These zombies are everywhere down south here; have almost hit quite a few. And their ears are soundly shut.

One positive, clearly, some of these deviants haven't exercised in years!



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