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John Forester, The Father of Vehicular Cycling Has Passed Away

"Anti-cycleway campaigner John Forester has died at the age of 90 in his adopted home state of California. Forester, called a “dinosaur” by Streetsblog last year, was one of the leading lights of the “vehicular cycling” method of cycling and had been a vocal critic of Dutch-style cycleways since the early 1970s. "

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I didn't agree with a lot of what he said, but I always thought he had the safety of cyclists at heart. Rest in peace, Mr. Forester!

Agreed. I feel the same way. Plus, there are benefits to knowing how to ride when there's no bike lane available.

No country in the world puts bike lanes on every street.  They're only necessary when the vehicle traffic is heavy or fast.  On most streets, bike riders have to mix it up with vehicles.  It's a better, safer, experience for both riders and drivers when everybody knows what the rules are, and follows them.

I did not realize his father was C. S. Forester.


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