It's Cold, Dark, and Wet... How Do You Stay Motivated to Keep Riding?

The dark side of Autumn has fallen and it's much harder to motivate. Yesterday it rained for most of the day and I motivated myself right into a self-imposed rest day. Knowing I have a lot of cold, wet days ahead, I am hoping for some Chainlinker advice...

How do you get out there on your bike when it's cold and crappy out?

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Personally, I work from home so I do try to ride nearly every day as training/exercise but I didn't mean to limit the discussion with just my example. Motivation can mean commuting by bike (instead of CTA) or getting out for a ride on your bike before/after work. 

For me it is the challenge. I have good gear and clothing for all conditions, so I really have no excuse not to. I am not going to let 33 degrees and rain - the worst - keep me from enjoying the beauty of my lakefront ride.

33 degrees and rain

Thanks for the grim reminder Gene ;) I'll be out there!

Actually, Gene, 33 degrees, rain and wind are the worst.  I am not on the lakefront any more this year, but it is still better to be riding than using some other mode of transportation.

It always makes me feel good, and it is always better than the alternatives!

My only other economic option is the cta. Soon it will be stuffed with jackets, many of which have not been laundered in years. I'll take a nose burning with cold over one sniffing seasons of infused corpulence any day!

Whenever I ride the train it reminds me why I prefer biking even in crappy weather.  My work pays for my transit so it's not even a money issue.  Today the train was delayed and I sat in front of someone doing a female darth vader impression.  I had plans or I'd have taken my bike, and I couldn't help thinking that I should have planned to Divvy this morning.

The rain is the hardest for me! I can deal with most other conditions and I freakishly enjoy riding in pretty cold temps. What do y'all use to keep legs/feet dry in the rain?

For feet what I have found to work with spd (for clip-in pedals) is neoprene shoe covers. I bought a pair last year for around $20. They turn an ordinary spd shoe Or any shoe, really, into something warm and pretty waterproof. I tried regular pedals with boots, and though I would not want to do that regularly, my feet did stay dry.

The pants I used last year are the Showers Pass Storm Pant, they are just an impermeable nylon that doesn't let any rain in and has vel-cro for cinching the lower legs. The zipper on the pocket has broken, but the pants look like they did when I bought them, and they come with a little pouch to roll them up on. Totally waterproof, but hot and sweaty. They cost $65. Showers Pass will replace them for the zipper problem under the two year warranty- dealing with their customer service is very easy and human.

I am waiting for delivery of my upgrade, the Transit Pant, about double the price, which is supposed to be porous (breathable would be the marketing term ;) ) yet waterproof even in a downpour. 

Hazmat booties

and whatever rain pants I can find; hopefully they have pockets in them.

I like the hazmat bootie concept. How's the sizing when worn over regular tennis shoes?

I got the 3XL and they fit over my size 12 shoes.


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