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So yeah, last night I rode out to meet a buddy for a beer, and a fellow in the bar commented to me how the lack of clipless pedals and the "loud" lighting on my road bike precludes me from being a true cyclist. Also, he mentioned that I ordered a Newcastle instead of PBR, so I wasn't "keeping it real".

I didn't want to get into a whole debate with the guy because since he had obviously had a few too many PBRs, the discussion would go nowhere. I did ascribe the pedals and the lights to the same factor, my almost getting hit by cars in the past. My bike does have SPDs, but I choose to ride with the adapters on them so I don't have to lock my feet to the pedals as doing that makes me nervous about close calls with cars. The lights are somewhat obnoxious I guess, but they have the same effect as that laser bike lane thing, so for me, the tradeoff is a good one.

The one thing I couldn't even counter on, was that not drinking PBR makes me a fraud as a cyclist. Most of my bike-related choices are very pragmatic, I don't drink PBR not to make a political or social statement, I just happen to prefer various other beers. Not to knock anyone who enjoys that beer of course, I just didn't realize it was such a hot button for some people.

So then, should one compromise a bit to be official in the cycling community, or was my next-stool neighbor last night just a blue ribbon snob?

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Oh wow, sorry. I need to drink less. Anyway, before coming here to Chainlink that night, I'd hit up a completely different social network and saw a lighthearted discussion on whether or not "toxic" is becoming slang for just "bad" lately. And when things are bad, they get "cancelled." Seeing as how the last activity on this thread was way back in 2009, I was just trying (badly, as it turns out) to reflect the current popular sentiment about PBR in current slang.

Ok, ... and I think I need to drink more.

I just saw this on AHTBM; thanks for dusting off the old thread!

So we all have to start drinking Newcastle now?

Both parties have amicably resolved all issues in this case.

PBR has been saved !

Vondo, at first I thought this was a joking post, but from the responses I read, it seems to be taken as serious.  When I ride in warm weather (beer drinking weather)  I wear cargo shorts, a seersucker short sleeve shirt for coolness, a baseball cap and Birkenstock sandals.  I never clip in the city, and would never drink that rot-gut PBR.  Two Hearted Ale for me.  I guess I'm not a real cyclist....

David, I'm right there with you on the topic of PBR. I only have one bike now that I clip into and mainly wear skirts and dresses for comfort and coolness. And I don't care what the definition of Bike Snob's cyclist breakdown is. He is not the boss of me. :-) I  just know that riding my bike in summer is one of the best feelings in the world. So I do it as much as I can. 


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